Facing Life

By English Bodhi Institute member

Mai Ishikawa

First I’d like to express my appreciation to the English translation and organization of this study group. The teaching was wonderful and I really appreciate this help so that I am able to receive Khenpo’s teaching! Please find my reflection as below:


Before engaging myself with Buddhism, I was tied up with Japanese social ‘common sense’, which encourages people to be employed at Japanese companies. As the Japanese working life seriously encourages people to do exactly the same thing for everyone, such as eating meat and fish, oblige to drink alcohol in order to deepen the relationship with the people who are working with. However, as I reflect Buddha’s teaching, I started to realize what the society demands are not always right or bring good consequences to oneself.


Also, reflecting the impermanence of life, wealth, fame, or social status cannot do anything when we face death. When we observe the old people, who get retired from job, what matters are how they can spend their rest of life fully in a good mental condition. Of course money matters, but when the death comes close, they started to realize what they have been doing throughout their life was just to avoid death.

Therefore, since getting good opportunity to meet Dharma and knowing impermanence, it is good to face life fully to reflect what is the most important in life.

Studying Buddhism in English, right now there are not enough systematic information also since we need to pay to receive teaching in most centres, we will have to ‘choose’ what we want. I really rejoice the Chinese speaking area. They have a custom of donating and based on it everyone can hear the Dharma!