Study Session in Toronto on Sunday April 26th


Picture taken at one of Khenpo’s Elementary school on April 22nd. 2015

Dear friends,

Spring is in the air in Toronto. Yesterday Khenpo sent out a few pictures on his Weibo of the snowfall in Sertha. In his Weibo, Khenpo said: ” I traveled to four different places in one day, gave 4 talks, each talk was about 2 hours long, on top of that, it was snowing here.

It (the reason of doing all these) is only for the (propagation) of Dharma , otherwise it can be hard to endure. I do feel a bit tired, but there are more lectures to teach tomorrow and day after…”

Dear friends, there is never perfect condition for us to study and practice Dharma, our life obligations may get in our way, and our laziness may cloud our aspiration, however when that happens, let’s support each other on the path, and think of the immense effort made by our teachers and many masters.

Our study session is on Sunday, hope to see you there!

When:  3PM EDT


*If you are in Toronto please come to 228 Merton Street. (Yonge/Davisville)

*If you are doing long distance learning, please connect with us by Google Hangout or Skype. Skype user name: nar_iew
And please contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns:) My number is 416-731-7155

Meanwhile, be happy, be helpful.

See you Sunday!

With metta,


* Study material and chanting book here