Smiling for life

Updated 30 December 2014, 15:32 AEDT

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One of the most common wishes people have whether it is a New Year’s resolution or not, is to just be happy. But how easy is it? A man who should know, Tibetan Buddhist Master Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche shares his recipe for a happy life.

Recently in Australia, Rinpoche is a well-known and educator, and was named as the most influential Tibetan Buddhist Lama of 2013 in China by Portrait magazine.  He has been invited to universities across the globe to share his wisdom. . An expert on the topic of what makes us smile, Rinpoche says there’s a big difference between the world of illusory happiness, abundance and material wealth, and the more challenging but rewarding journey to true happiness.

Rinpoche visited the Australia Plus office while he was in Australia, and shared six simple habits we can all work towards.


1. Give more than you receive


Contribute to society and nature. (Photo CC Flickr: whologwhy)

“A person needs to give to be happy. If you can use all your resources to contribute to society and nature and not just think about yourself, you’ll find you’ll be filled with happiness.”


2. Grow your strength


Learn to be strong (Photo CC Flickr: Lauren Mitchell)

“There is a lot of pressure in the modern life. Work, relationship, the outside world. So to survive this and be happy, you need to learn to be strong.”


3. Make self improvement a priority


Try to maintain and improve your morality. (Photo CC Flickr: SurprisePally)

“No matter in the ancient time, in the present or in the future, morality and self-cultivation is important. Maintain your conscience always and resist the temptation of bad things. It might not be possible to never make mistakes in your life, but you should try to maintain and improve your morality.”


4. Take responsibility


Each individual has to take his own responsibility. (Photo CC Flickr: WalkingGeek)

“I can see Australia has a very good social supporting system, but each individual has to take his own responsibility and be diligent. If you sit around and do nothing, you can never be really happy.”


5. You gotta have faith


Have an anchor in your mind. (Photo CC Flickr: digitalpimp.)

“Having a faith is important. It will bring peace to your mind. We are living in such a busy and complicated world now. Many people are constantly chasing something, then quickly change to something else, and the cycle just goes on. In the end, he might find he receives nothing and it brings anxiety.

“Have a faith, slow down. It’s very important to have an anchor in your mind, so you can feel peaceful and not being distracted and get lost constantly.”


6. Gain wisdom where you can


Wisdom and happiness goes hand in hand. (Photo CC Flickr: left-hand)

“Wisdom and happiness goes hand in hand. You’ll feel a sense of contentment, hope and optimism about what’s lying ahead.”


Tibetan Buddhist Master Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche greeting well wishers. (Image: supplied)