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As Buddhists, our innate aspirations are to awaken minds, allowing for a natural state of compassion, wisdom and profound enlightenment.


Ultimately, our goal is to fulfill an important mission to share the precious teachings of dharma literature with people of all races the world over. And in doing so, we spread this incredible treasure in forms that are both relevant and applicable for life in the 21stcentury.


Meanwhile, as acclaimed author and esteemed spiritualmaster Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche has been tirelessly giving lectures in prestigious universities across the world, we have begun making the astounding teachings available in both English video and book formats.


And in order to meet this demand, and enable us to reach the masses, we’re looking for passionate English editors who can help us make a difference. If you’re a native or near-native English speaker with excellent written skills and experience polishing English text; and you possess the ability to enhance the overall readability of a translation while utilizing a western flavor of prose; and you have the ability, talent and mind set to reach the widest possible Western community,we would love to hear from you.


It’s not necessary that you have professional translation experience or even understand Chinese in order to join our team, however, ideally we are looking for individuals like you who may have some of the following desirable attributes:


1. Excellent English writing and polishing ability

2. Detail-oriented

3. Passionate about everything you do

4. Able to ideally contribute at 3-4 hours per week for at least 6 months

5. Available via email for regular correspondence


For further information please contact us at: